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The Walk Her Inn, aka Walk Her Inn Drag Her Out, is tucked into the corner of 74th and Walker st, just two blocks east of the Milwaukee Mile at State fair Park. This crazy little place has been open since the 1940s in an area formerly known as frog town.

It was called this because way back in the day, the building was occupied by a blacksmith who would re-shoe horses, and they would have to then walk on very large wooden planks. There were hundreds of frogs beneath that would come out at night and crowd these planks
I know this all sounds a bit weird, but you must understand that this was at a time when much of the nearby land was marsh—hence the frogs.

Kristian and Diane Plumeri took over the bar in 2009 from Dennis Gerth, who once sponsored eight race cars at Hales Corners Speedway. “Those drivers were some real tough guys,” said Dennis, who still frequents the bar.

Kristian and Diane are now the fifth owners of the Walk Her Inn Drag Her Out and have done their part to modernize this charming old Allis Chalmers neighborhood tavern. They have added six large flat screen TVs that pretty much encompass the whole back bar wall in this cozy 40×25 foot room. There is also an Internet jukebox, a dartboard, a pool table, and WiFi.

The Bar is open at 4p.m. weekdays and 11.00a.m. on weekends.